IRAFM Vision Group


We are a group of academic image processing experts developing own theory and methods with industry applications.

Our projects

Visual insect tracking

We focus on visual tracking in night-recorded movies, propose our pattern tracking mechanism based on F-transform, and implement a user-friendly software to handle the movies.

Real-time time series analysis

We propose an efficient algorithm for data classification that is based on the F-transform technique. The algorithm successfully passed all tests, and moreover, it showed the ability to perform classification in an on-line regime.

Night-movie denoising

We present a cascade of filters based on a fuzzy representation of images. This representation captures the uncertainty underlying in the intensity of a pixel by means of a fuzzy set. Our approach provides similar results as standard ones with a significant reduction of the computational time.

Real-time corners detection

The F1-transform is used for an extraction of feature points in edge detection step.

Image plagiarism detection

We propose a method of searching for a plagiarized image in a database based on the technique of F-transform. This technique significantly reduces the domain dimension, and therefore, it speeds up the whole process.

Security camera

The accent is given to security cameras in smart-cities field where we show future possibilities of automatized image processing and behavior analysis systems.

Driver's assistant

Application monitors road in a real time and informs a driver by sound, or graphic alarm. Moreover, drive can be recorded in loop and stored. Accurate speed is displayed. You can choose both kmh or mph units.

Real-time object detection

The work is based on our pattern matching algorithm using F-transform and shows how an arbitrary pattern can be detected in a movie in real-time using low-powered hardware.

Drone autonomous flying

We extend abilities of the Parrot Bebop 2 drone equipped with a front camera by an object tracking application. The drone streams video into a mobile phone where the proposed application processes the movie, tracks the object and automatically controls the drone movement.

Automatic licence plate recognition

By a car license plate recognition, we mean a software system processing images and providing an alphanumeric transcription of car plates included in an image. We divide the task into four sub-tasks: license plate localization, license plate extraction, characters segmentation and characters recognition. The build of the application has been given to your commerce partner under exclusive license. If you are interested in the software download, contact, please, rector's office.

Image compression

We propose a new hybrid image compression algorithm which combines the F-transform and JPEG. We show the hybrid algorithm achieves significantly higher decompressed image quality than pure JPEG.

Applications builds