Professor Irina Perfilieva, Ph.D.,

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Professor Irina Perfilieva, Ph.D., received the degrees of M.S. (1975) and Ph.D (1980) in Applied Mathematics from the Lomonosov State University in Moscow, Russia. At present, she is full professor of Applied Mathematics in the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. At the same time she is head of Theoretical Research Department in the Centre of Excellence IT4Innovations, University of Ostrava, Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling.

She is a member of the board of Russian Association on Fuzzy Systems and a member of the Emergent Technology Technical Committee of the IEEE CIS (ETTC). She is the author or co-author of three books on mathematical principles of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, co-editor of one edited monograph and guest editor of many special issues of scientific journals.

She published around 200 papers in the areas of multi-valued logic, fuzzy logic, fuzzy approximation, fuzzy relation equations, and image processing. She is member of editorial boards of the journals Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Journal of Computational Intelligence Research, Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Journal of Uncertain Systems. She works as a member of Programme Committees of the most prestigious In- ternational Conferences and Congresses in the areas of soft computing, fuzzy and knowledge-based systems. She is well recognized as a plenary/invited speaker on various International conferences and congresses.

For her long-term scientific achievements she was awarded in the International Conference on Foundations and Applications of Computational Intelligence FLINS 2010. As an co-author of the software for Time Series forecast, she got a special price of the Seoul International Inventions Fair 2010.